Event Overview

2017’s Stampede was a huge success and in 2015 we are hoping it will be even better!

This year’s event will be on Saturday 24th October and there will be many tough obstacles to test your speed, strength and endurance over 5km and 10km distances. Military physical training instructors from Mojo Active have carefully designed the course to introduce the novice to the physical demands of cross country running, while also challenging the hardiest elite runners. It includes manmade horse hurdles and maximises the natural obstacles of the stunning surrounding landscape including ditches and mud pits. You’ll scale steep banks, conquer leg-burning hills and wade through waist deep water. You’ll run through the picturesque surroundings of Chepstow Racecourse and Piercefield Park, while taking in beautiful sections of the Wye Valley Walk, if you have any energy left to enjoy the view!

This is the perfect event to inspire your year’s training regime or form the foundations for supporting a charity and is going to take your determination!